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How To Become An Agent?

  1. Age: Completed 18 years.
  2. Qualification: Minimum qualification of pass in 12th standard or equivalent examination conducted by any recognized Board or Institution in places where there is a population of five thousand or more (As per2001 census), otherwise a pass in 10th standard or equivalent examination from recognized board or institution if the applicant resides in any other place.
  3. Training: Practical training will be of50 hours at our IRDAI approved training centers and75 hours of training in case of composite ( life and general) insurance agency. Training is to be spread over 3 weeks and 4 weeks respectively. There is relaxation of hours to10 and25 respectively in case he posses certain extra professional qualification. In case of 2nd renewal of licenses for existing agents, the hours of training required is 25 and 50 respectively.
  4. Insurance Examination: Pass in examination with 50% marks to be conducted by Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai, or other body approved by IRDAI for50 marks in1 hour on course IC-34.
  5. An interview by insurance company is to be conducted after the examination; for 25 marks. The agent has to score minimum of 15 marks to be successful in the interview.
  6. License fee of Rs 250/- payable to IRDAI. The bank draft to be submitted to designated person through reporting office alongwith the Application Form.