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Large Risk Policies

The risks where the Sum Insured is more than Rs.2,500 crores at any one location (PD,BI combined) come out of purview of Tariff regulations and hence for such risks Package Policies are devised to suit the specific requirements of the client.

Project Insurance

For projects where the Sum Insured is more than 2500 crores at one location our department arranges policies as per requirements of the client to provide seamless coverage to project from the beginning till the end including Advance Loss of Profit/Delay in Startup cover.

Stand-Alone Terrorism Cover

In India Insurance companies provide Terrorism coverage only upto Rs.750 crores at any one location from the Market Terrorism Pool as per Terrorism Pool rules and terms. If a client wants coverage for terrorism risks above Rs.750 crores we can arrange the same and issue a Stand Alone Terrorism Coverage policy.

For Details on above policies Contact our Techno Marketing Department, Head Office, New India Assurance Building, 87, M G Road, Fort, Mumbai Tel: 22670104, Fax: 22700468 E-mail:

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