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Office Code

Address of the Office

In-charge & Designation

Contact Details


Mumbai Regional Office-IV
New India Centre, 6th floor,
17-A, Cooperage Road,
MUMBAI - 400 001.
Email: nia[dot]130000(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. R. Asaithambi

Deputy General Manager

Tel: 022-22817198 (D)
IP: 130001
Fax: 022-22817201

Email: r[dot]asaithambi[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Dr. Dilip N. Mahajan

Regional Manager

Tel: 22855695(D)
IP: 130006

Fax: 022-22817201
Email: dn[dot]mahajan[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Muralikrishna K.

Regional Manager

Tel: 22817858 (D)
IP: 130004

Fax: 022-22817201
Email: muralikrishna[dot]k[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Centralized Claims Hub
New India Centre, 13th floor,
17-A, Cooperage Road,
MUMBAI - 400 001

Mr. Muralikrishna K.

Regional Manager

Tel: 022-22024689 (D)
Fax: 22829107
IP: 130025
Email:  muralikrishna[dot]k[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


C.D.U.(Divisional office)
Commerce Centre, 1st Floor,
Tardeo, MUMBAI - 400 034.
Email: nia[dot]130300(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mrs. Geeta Menon

Officiating Divisional Manager

Tel: 022-23524531 / 23521553 / 2350554
                23512224/23516646 (D)
Fax: 23521176
Email: geeta[dot]menon[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


C.D.U.(Divisional office)
Commerce Centre, 1st Floor,
Tardeo, MUMBAI - 400 034.
Email: nia[dot]130400(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mrs. Nirmala R. Shetty

Divisional Manager

Tel: 022-23513555/23520556
                23515176/23510386 (D)
Fax: 022-23516684
Email:  nirmala[dot]shetty[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


C.D.U.(Divisional office)

Commerce Centre, 1st Floor,
Tardeo, MUMBAI - 400 034.
Email: nia[dot]130500(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Rajesh Kamble

Senior Divisional Manager

Tel: 022-23523557 / 23522558
                23510677 /2351 5523 (D)
Fax: 23512319 / 23514559
Email:  rajesh[dot]kamble[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


C.D.U.(Divisional office)
New India Centre, 7th Floor,
17-A, Cooperage Road,
MUMBAI - 400001.
Email: nia[dot]130800(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Shirish Jadhav

Senior Divisional Manager

Tel: 022-22814715/22814716
                22817793/22886534 (D)
Fax: 022-22814719
Email: shirish[dot]jadhav[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Lower Parel Micro Office
Shop No.5,Ground Floor, Ganesh Kripa Co.op. Hsg Society Ltd,
Shri Ganesh Tower, S.B. Pawar Marg,
GIP Store Lane ,Lower Parel East
MUMBAI - 400013.

Mr. Dinesh Bobhate,

(Micro Office Incharge)

Tel: 022-22846334
Email: dinesh[dot]bobhate[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Satrasta MO
Shop No.2, Astral Mansion CHS Ltd.
Plot No.100,C.S.No.7/1928, Jacob Circle,
K.K. Marg,
MUMBAI - 400011.

Mr. Tanaji Khavare
Sr. Assistant

(Micro Office Incharge)

Tel: 022-23087164
Email: tanaji[dot]khavare(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Girgaon Micro Office
13, Basement, Majestic Shopping
Centre, J.S.S. Road, Girgaon,
MUMBAI - 400004.

Mr. Santosh Chaulkar,
Sr. Assistant

(Micro Office Incharge)

Tel: 022- 23856088

Email: sr[dot]chaulkar(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in


C.D.U.(Divisional office)
New India Centre, 12th Floor,
17-A, Cooperage Road,
MUMBAI - 400001.
Email: nia[dot]131000(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Vivek Kalla
 Officiating Divisional Manager

Tel: 022-22825692/22825241/22844144
Fax: 022-22825474
Email: vivek[dot]kalla(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Elphinston Micro Office
Shop No.004, Supershwa CHSL,
Plot No.F.P.N.600, Opp. One India Bull,
S.L. Matkar Marg, Elphinston Road,
MUMBAI - 400025.
Email: nia[dot]131002(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Ajay M. Pathrod
Administrative Officer

(Micro Office Incharge)

Tel: 022-24316273
Email: ajay[dot]pathrod(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Malad Micro Office
Synergy House, Plot No.128,
Marve Road, Orlem,
Malad (West),
MUMBAI - 400064.
Email: nia[dot]131003(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr.Charles I. D'souza
Sr. Assitant

(Micro Office Incharge)

Tel: 022-28823282
Email: charles[dot]dsouza(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Carter Road Micro Office
Shop No.1, Ground Floor, Uttam Villa,
Road No.10, Daulat Nagar,
Borivali (East),
MUMBAI - 400066.
Email: nia[dot]131004(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Vijay Motwani

(Micro Office Incharge)

Tel: 022-28941876
Email: vijay[dot]motwani(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Sion Micro Office
Shop no.25, Ground floor,
Sion Cosmoplitan Co.Op. Society,
Plot no.227/273, Sion (W),
MUMBAI - 400022.
Email: nia[dot]131005(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Atul D. Khedekar
Sr. Assistant

(Micro Office Incharge)

Tel: 022-24041212
Email: atul[dot]khedekar(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Bancassurance Divisional Office
New India Centre, 8th Floor,
17-A, Cooperage Road,
MUMBAI - 4000001.
Email: nia[dot]131200(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Arun Jain 

Divisional Manager

Tel: 022-22021134/22022539
Fax: 022-22020776
Email:  a[dot]jain[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


C.D.U.(Divisional office)
New India Centre, 10th Floor,
17-A, Cooperage Road,
MUMBAI - 400039.
Email: nia[dot]131300(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Ram. N. Chakrabarty
 Senior Divisional Manager

Tel: 022-22844989/22854288
                22811187/22840542 (D)
Fax: 022-22882938
Email: ram[dot]chakrabarty[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Amboli Micro Office

1st Floor, RNA Arcade, Opp. Krystal avenue CHS ltd, plot no.49,50,65 &66,

Swami Samarth Nagar, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West

MUMBAI 400053

Mr. Vijay Shinde


(Micro Office Incharge)

Tel: 022-26399142
Email : vm[dot]shinde[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


C.D.U.(Divisional office)

Commerce Centre,1st Floor, 79,

Tardeo Road,
 MUMBAI  - 400034
Email: nia[dot]131400(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Dr. Shiba C. Mohanty
 Senior Divisional Manager

Tel: 23511158/23513550

        23523276 (D)
Fax: 23515005

Email: shiba[dot]mohanty[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Emca House(Divisional office)
1st Floor, 289, Shahid Bhagat
Singh Road, Nr. Fort Market,
 MUMBAI  - 400001
Email: nia[dot]131500(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Jitendra Chawhan
 Senior Divisional Manager

Tel: 22644651 / 22619087
Fax: 22650896

Email: jj[dot]chawhan[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Direct Agent Branch
Jeevan Sahakar Bldg., 4th Floor,
Above Kashmir Emporium,
Sir P.M.Road, Fort,
 MUMBAI  - 400001
Email: nia[dot]131501(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Vishwas K. Gaikwad

Branch Manager

Tel: 24620342
Fax: 22623645
Email: vk[dot]gaikwad(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Juinagar/Sanpada Micro Office
Unit No.4, Roshan House CHSL,

 Plot No. 18, Sector 30,Sanpada,

 NAVI MUMBAI  400705
Email: nia[dot]131502(at)newindia[dot]co[dot]in

Mr.Dilip Zolekar

(Micro Office Incharge)

Tel: 022-49708694  
Email: dd[dot]zolekar[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in


Vikhroli Micro Office
Shop No.S-37,
Jai Vikhroli premises co.op. Society,
Vikhroli (W), MUMBAI-400083

Mr. Ranjit Madye
Administrative Officer

(Micro Office Incharge)

Tel: 022- 25785578
Email: rv[dot]madye[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in